JoAnn Cummings for AL House District 4

"As a parent, community activist and former small business owner, I know that life isn't easy for a lot of hard-working folks. I want to change that."


Why I’m Running

"As your State Representative, I will support fully funding our public schools, and treating our teachers like professionals. I will advocate for expanding Medicaid and protecting our rural hospitals from bankruptcy. I will work to bring solar power and clean energy jobs to Alabama. I will encourage economic growth in Alabama with SMART incentives, and positive marketing. And I will promote a living wage for all hardworking citizens."

-JoAnn Cummings


I want Alabama to invest in itself once again.  The solutions are never simple, and we need to end the vicious cycle of poverty in our state. As your representative, I will work to help make Alabama a better place to live, work and raise your families. And, as another woman elected to serve, I will bring our perspective into the discussion at the State House.

We need strong new voices in Montgomery to invest in our children, in our people and in a modern future.   Send me to Montgomery to make Alabama a better place for everyone. 

-JoAnn Cummings